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cte (empID,manID,depth,hierarchy) as


select e.employeeID,e.managerID ,1 , cast(e.employeeID as nvarchar(max))as hierarchy

from humanresources.Employee as e

where managerID is null

union all

select emp.employeeID,emp.managerID ,depth+1  , hierarchy + ‘/’ +cast(emp.employeeID as nvarchar(max)) as hierarchy

from humanresources.Employee emp

inner join cte

on emp.managerID=cte.empID


select * from cte order by depth


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Step 1:

Open outlook 2007, Go to menu and chose…

Tools > account settings > data files

You will find the screen like shown below:

Now select the 1from the listing which shows default (your active email account data file). As I have marked as round in above screen.

After selecting the file from list, now click on the “Open folder” as shown in above screen.

Step 2:

Clicking on Open folder will take you to the folder where your outlook data file is located,

And you will find that file selected in the folder,

Now all you have to do is just Copy the data file from this folder and save wherever you want to keep as backup.

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Step 1:

Go to windows explorer and navigate to the below given path:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures

Step 2:

Place signature files in the above mentioned folder.

And make sure the signature files got copied properly at above mentioned path

Step 3:

Now open outlook 2007, go to …

Tools > options > mail format > signatures

You will be able see the signature in list, now all you have to so is just choose your account and set the signature as default.

Step 4:

Now every time you compose email, your signature will automatically appear in email.

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Coming Soon !!

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Coming S@@@@n !!!!!!

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